• Adam Stubbings

ITEN is back! Welcome to the new site.

A summer of preparation has led to this: the relaunch of Into The Empty Net as a written platform! Thank you for visiting our brand new website, and welcome to what promises to be an exciting new era for the brand I established almost four years ago in support of Doncaster Rovers Football Club.

I started the original ITEN website as a way to put across my thoughts on all things DRFC, in the process helping me to explore avenues in creative and journalistic writing as per my chosen degree and career path, and to hopefully produce an additional quality platform of coverage of the club.

Many football clubs have great platforms, from blogs to fully fledged websites, fanzines to popular social media pages, but I felt at the time (and still do in many ways) that fans of Doncaster Rovers have less content to absorb than some of their contemporaries.

The flagbearer for independent Rovers content has for a long time been the magnificent popular STAND fanzine and website (which can be found at this link) which as of the end of the 2018/19 season has published 100 issues, won FSF Fanzine of the Year twice and recently featured wonderful interviews with club legends Sean O'Driscoll and James Coppinger.

However, beyond their excellent publications, the scope for tailored Rovers content is somewhat limited. A handful of excellent Twitter accounts dedicated to the cause have become popular in the time since I started the original ITEN blogging platform, and it is on the social media platform that I have focused efforts for the past two seasons due to the dual restrictions of finishing a university degree and some rather serious health issues that are now thankfully under control.

With the @DRFC_ITEN account going well - we just hit 600 followers and have almost doubled our engagements and followers in 2019 alone - I decided towards the end of last season that the time was right to relaunch ITEN with a brand new website and a dedicated plan of action.

Now at the end of my degree, I have more time to spend writing about my beloved Rovers again instead of essays, projects and presentations, and having now put investment and a considerable amount of time and energy into planning this new site, I am committed to building a consistent presence in the online community of fans and football writers alike.

Please take a look around the new site, and let me know if you have any comments, thoughts or feedback. I can be reached at the Twitter handle listed above, and by e-mail at intotheemptynet@gmail.com. There is also a Contact form in the "About ITEN" section of the website, accessible at the top of each page.

All articles from the original website have been transferred over to the new site here, and you can find them all in the "Articles" section which is also accessible at the top of each page.

Keep your eyes peeled for brand new content starting today, and thank you for reading!


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