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ITEN Round-Up: 22/04

The lockdown continues, and football remains suspended. Content continues here on ITEN however, so here is a quick run-down of everything going on this week from our exiled base in Newcastle.

The Ultimate Cult Hero of Doncaster Rovers

Over the next few weeks we are running a vote to crown the club's biggest Cult Hero in the fan's eyes. After taking nominations over the weekend we have put 64 players spanning seven decades into a tournament which will be whittled down until we have one Ultimate Cult Hero of Doncaster Rovers.

What defines a "Cult Hero"? We're looking for those players less celebrated but who are beloved by fans nonetheless, and are perhaps remembered best for their character or exploits rather than outright footballing achievements. We're thinking more Jason Price or Gary Brabin than Alick Jeffrey and James Coppinger.

Over the course of this week and next, we will be going through the Eliminator round where 16 groups of 4 give us one winner per group to go into a straight knock-out Sweet 16.

You can vote in one of two ways: via the daily votes on our Twitter page - @DRFC_ITEN - or via the Viking Chat VSC forum.

One Last Retro Rewatch

One way in which fans up and down the country have been making up for the lost games during the lockdown is to dip into the archives and relive highlights from the past. We are not short on options from Rovers' recent history, and our Retro Rewatches have livened up several weekends in the past six weeks.

We have one more lined up for this Sunday, 26th April. To mark the 7th anniversary of the famous day out at Brentford for the League One promotion showdown between Rovers and the Bees, we will be rewatching that final day clash in its entirety and providing as-live coverage as we go on our Twitter and Instagram pages.

Please join us if you have access to the game, either via DVD or YouTube, and go back down memory lane to perhaps the most dramatic day in the club's history.

Features, Q&As + More

ITEN's written output continues unabated despite the lack of games or news out of the beautiful game. Yesterday the latest piece in our Player, Influential series was published, looking at the most important players to the Rovers team in the 2019/20 season, with this week's article focusing on goalkeeper Seny Dieng.

A new edition of our editor's regular column, Musings from the South Stand, will be published tomorrow too discussing the brief but significant involvement of the Rovers in the recent Netflix documentary "Sunderland 'Til I Die", whilst next week will see another Q&A published with one of our regular contributors, adding to recent sit-down chats with Gabriel Sutton and Josh Yeardley.

Finally, Rovers fan Ray Jest concludes his retrospective of the successful 1968-69 season towards the end of this week with the final installment of his Reliving Rovers series. We hope to feature more of these intriguing looks into the distant past of the club in the weeks and months to come.

If you are interested in writing for ITEN about anything to do with Doncaster Rovers F.C. or Doncaster Belles, please get in touch with us either via our social media pages linked at the top of the page or via e-mail at: intotheemptynet@gmail.com. We are always keen to collaborate with fellow supporters and bring more quality content to the fans of DRFC.


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